Perfect Makeup: 8 Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless

Perfect Makeup: 8 Super-Easy Steps for Looking Flawless!

Step 1: Hide Your Dark Circles

The first step of all faces: Apply a moisturizer with SPF( sun protection formula) to help concealer glide on smoothly.

Then start using concealer only where you need it, like on undereye circles and blemishes.

Try a creamy formula shade that matches your skin tone. Choosing a shade lighter than skin  is a myth.

“Too-white circles under your eyes look like you wore goggles while tanning.”

Then blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don’t touch on delicate undereye areas.

Expert tip: To get perfect and fine lines, use the point of your brush.

Step 2: A Touch for the Base

To get perfectly even skin, use a foundation stick.

It’s easy to use and gives you plenty precise application. Using the foundation stick like a giant marker, draw thick lines down cheekbones, the sides of your nose and above brows, and blend with your fingers.

Want to look a little more sun-kissed?

Before blending, use a second stick that’s of two or three shades darker in all the same places you applied before, for a streak-free glow (it looks dark in the pictures, but we promise it melts right in).

Mix both colours together over your face and down onto your neck using your finger tips, the heat from your hands will warm up the foundation and help it glide.


Expert tip: Want lighter coverage? Rub moisturizer on your hands before you blend for a sheer, dewy finish.

Step 3: Reassess and Perfect!

If a  mark is still through, go back and hide it with an extra layer of concealer.

Do the same kind as in step one. Apply it onto problem areas with a pointed brush instead of slicking it directly  on from the tube.

To avoid cakeyness, use your ring finger to apply its perimeter outward until smooth.

Expert tip: For staying power of make up, apply powder over top with a puff to absorb oil and cover-up from sliding off midday.

Step 4: Now Blush!

Forget shading and sculpting cheekbones with a brush and powder, and try a cream blush instead for that glow from within effect.

Apply to your cheeks, as seen here. Then blend the colour up toward your temples with your fingers.

Bright, bold hues like the berry shade used on our model to look natural, but if you’re colour shy, build the intensity by gradually layering it.

Expert tip: looking like applied more?

Defuse a clown like situation by applying a bit of foundation of foundation stick over top instead of washing it all off and starting from start.

Step 5: Apply Shimmery Eye Base

For pro look eye makeup in no time, apply a wash of sheer, shimmery cream shadow from lash lines to brow bones using your pointer finger.

**Shimmer helps hide stray eyebrow hairs if you don’t have time to tweeze!**

If your skin tone is fair, try a silvery white shade. For medium skin tone to dark skin tones, opt for a champagne colour.

To get an extra bright eye effect, dot the colour onto the inner corners of your eyes. Celebrity use this trick on the red carpet all the time.

Expert tip: If your eye lids tend to be on the oily, use a primer all over them first to help them shadow last.

Step 6: Make Em Pop

Next, use bronze and gold cream shadows to give eyes more depth.

Apply the bronze shade in your creases with a flat shadow brush for more control, and use your fingers to smudge it down over the lids avoiding the brow bones.

There shouldn’t be any harsh lines or stripes of colour,  it should look like blended and effortless.

To make everything smudge-proof (important with creamy formulas like these), set the cream with a matching powder eyeshadow.

Then, to make eyes look even bigger, pat some gold cream shadow onto the middle of your lids and run along your lower lash lines with your finger or a small size brush.

Expert tip: Using gold colour under eyes looks luminous; darker shades can draw attention to undereye circles.

Step 7: Add Some Definition

For more intensity look, rim your upper lash lines with a brown colour liner pencil and smudge it upward with your shadow brush.

Then set with the same colour powder eyeshadow used in the previous step. Finish off with two coats of mascara, on top and bottom focusing on the outer lashes with the top.

If your brows aren’t full as show in image then lightly fill in any gaps with a pencil and use a disposable mascara wand to brush the hairs up.

Expert tip: To give eyes an even bigger boost, use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. Start as close to the roots of your eyelashes as possible and gently pulse the curler forward to the ends.

Step 8: Get Lush-Looking Lips

If your lips are dry then gently buff with a washcloth and apply lip balm.

Let it sink in well, and blot with a tissue if it feels slippery.

Using a strawberry-colour lipstick, straight from the tube, apply it to the middle of your mouth, where colour tends to wear off first.

Blend the lipstick out over your lips, applying the colour on with your fingertip to help it last.

“This gives you that fresh, popsicle look”.  To pump up things for night, add a layer of gloss for extra shine.

Expert tip: Run a piece of ice over your lips before slicking on gloss to help colour last all day and prevent it from bleeding.

And your ready for the party, enjoy..

**try this method at home and tell us about your experience in the comments section below**

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