Does Castor Oil Actually Make Your Lashes Grow?

Does Castor Oil Actually Make Your Lashes Grow?


Availability of Product in Market:- There’s no shortage of eyelash serums in the market. But as a beauty guider, the  one question I get asked by some friends is whether castor oil helps eyelashes grow longer.


Googling “castor oil as a eyelashes treatment” makes it even more confusing to figure out if the vegetable oil is worth spearding on your lashes. Instead of a definitive answer, you pull up dozens of mixed results in  threads and posts by other beauty bloggers.


That’s why I turned to two experts to find out if castor oil is better.


Does Castor Oil Actually Make Your Lashes Grow?


Answer:- The hard answer given by experts  is no. Dermatologists Dr. Mona Gohara and Dr. Joshua Zeichner both tell me that there’s no proper  scientific evidence that proves that castor oil helps eyelashes grow longer.


“It’s unclear whether castor oil truly promotes hair growth or simply conditions and plumps the hair shaft itself,” says Dr. Zeichner. 


So, what about all of those people on threads who claim that their lashes are longer because they coated their lashes with castor oil for weeks?


It’s most likely just an optical illusion and mind set of the people.


“It works like a hair conditioner to coat and protect the hair shaft itself so it looks thicker and can grow longer,” explains Dr. Zeichner.


If you’re still set on trying castor oil because buying a bottle of it is a whole lot cheaper than any of the lash serums you’ve had your eye on, proceed with caution.


Dr. Gohara says that using oils can block the eye glands, which can cause styes and cysts. If you have eczema, sensitive skin, or allergies, Dr. Zeichner recommends not using castor oil on your lashes.


The good news is that any irritation you might have (or) experience when using castor oil on your lashes will go away in a few days when you stop using it. Applying  hydrocortisone cream over-the-counter for castor oil can help, too.


Considering the low stakes of this beauty DIY, chances are the worst thing that will happen is that you waste $5 on a bottle of castor oil.

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